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Mink Muff/Purse

Whether you have a closet full of furs or you are thinking about investing in your first one, you don't have to do it all alone. A furrier is your best resource for everything from consulting on which types of fur are best for a given purpose to providing maintenance care on your investments. 

We are a full-service furrier specializing in recycling and restoration. Our consults are free. We would be pleased to look your fur over with you and help to determine the type of fur it is (in case you don't already know), its condition, and a general idea as to its value.  From there we can discuss potential options, be it refresh, restyle, re-purpose, or help you to sell your fur on consignment.  An appointment is not necessary, but it is helpful and appreciated. We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Professional Fur Conditioning & Cleaning

It is easy to tell when it is time to clean a shirt. It looks dirty or smells like it needs some refreshing. But with fur it is different.  While stains or odors are important to take care of right away, the greatest concern with fur material is that the natural oils in the pelts will dry out.  Once this happens the pelts can become so brittle or tender that they will tear with incredible ease, rendering the garment useless. 

If you feel a fur and then rub your fingers you should be able to feel a very slight oiliness. This is normal. But as you can imagine, dust, pollutants, and airborne particles are attracted to the oil, get caught in the hairs of the fur, and draw the natural oils out of the pelts.  When you clean a fur your primary goal is to remove these materials from the hairs and condition the leather. For this reason, when an expert furrier recommends cleaning your fur yearly, he/she is doing so in your best interest.

We can help!  Our professional fur cleaning process is done by us, just for you.  Our pricing for conditioning/cleaning/glazing:

  • Fur coat - $79                (for storage, add $20)
  • Fur vest or stole - $40    (for storage, add $20)
  • Fur hat - $40                 (for storage, add $10)
  • Fur scarf - $20               (for storage, add $10)


Fur Repair, Restyling, and Repurposing

Lose a clasp?  Find a tear?  Or maybe you inherited a fur and it is just not your style?   

Fur is incredible because it can be restyled and repurposed in countless different ways. If you find that you just aren't wearing your fur and you are not sure why, bring it in and let's figure it out together! One of the most common alterations we do is to shorten a long fur coat... this makes it lighter weight and less cumbersome for common activities such as getting in and out of a car. We can also shorten or lengthen sleeves, re-style cuffs, make a coat smaller or larger in size... Let's take your old fur and repurpose it into a garment that you will absolutely love to wear! Other creative ideas are to turn your fur into heirloom teddy bears, pillows, ear muffs, headbands….. even a fur bikini!

Come on in, bring your fur, and let's discuss the possibilities. 



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Fur Consignment 

While we do not buy furs outright, if you are looking to sell your fur we may be able to help you sell it on consignment.

Our goal is simple: To help fur sellers get a fair dollar for the fur they sell and to help fur buyers get a fair value for furs they buy from us.

First, we need to start by evaluating your fur. This requires that we look it over in person. Furs can look absolutely perfect and beautiful on the outside, but it is the condition of the leather that determines its usability.  

  1. Bring in or ship your furs to us
  2. We will assess each fur piece for its salability based on style, color, size, defects, etc.  Any fur that we feel, based on our experience, will not reasonably sell will be returned to you or other options given.
  3. We will identify areas that need repair. 
    • Unless you are specifically looking for defects, you probably won't know they exist
    • A few defects are typically no big deal, but it depends on the cause of the defect
    • We will professionally repair all defects
  4. We will professionally condition, clean, and glaze your furs
    • If your fur can withstand the stress of this process, we will then have confidence that the garment will withstand the stress of someone wearing it. 
    • This stress test is the basis for the quality guarantee we give all of our fur-buying customers 

Next, we will review the numbers to make sure they make sense.

  1. Fur consigners have an upfront cost. Just like when you get a house ready for sale you must put some resources toward preparing it. The concept is the same here. Fur consigners must pay for their furs to be conditioned and repaired if needed. For a fur coat this will usually be $79-90.
  2. Our risk is on the back end. Fur customers know that we guarantee our furs, so if they buy your fur, wear it for a few weeks, and they notice some seams have let loose, they know they can bring it back to us and we will take care of it. We also offer a complimentary fur condition/clean and storage the first off-season for everyone who purchases a fur from us, a $99 value to help sell your fur.
  3. Based on the type of fur you have, the style, market trends, etc., we will make a recommendation on the price at which we will start to sell your fur.
  4. Based on your personal goals, we will want to know the minimum dollar figure you want to earn for your fur. Think of it this way:  If you had your fur in one hand and a check in the other, at what point are you ok taking the check and walking away from your fur? This is important because we want to make sure that you are being realistic. We will work to sell your fur for as much as we can get (that helps both of us!), but we need to be realistic.
  5. You will receive 60% of the final sale price.
  6. Don't worry about the math, facts, or figures. We will write everything down, we will both sign it in agreement, and you will receive a copy of everything.

Plan on this process taking 15-20 minutes for each piece of fur. In all likelihood it will be less, but we need to be thorough.

Lastly, don't wait. We have two physical locations plus we sell from our website year round. If you are not sure about selling your furs, at least bring them in for evaluation and learn about your options.