Fur and You

Fur is a Natural Resource 


Are you a nature lover?  We are, too!  Fur is nature's magnificent response to winter. It is renewable and sustainable, and the use of fur by humans predates written history.   

At a time when we are all trying to be conscious of how our lifestyles affect nature, fur and leather are natural fibers - and so are natural choices. 

However, it may be easy to think that synthetic fur might be a more earth-friendly substitute for genuine fur.  In reality, while synthetic alternatives have their uses, they are often made of petro-chemicals, are less durable over time yet take upwards of 500 years to biodegrade - all while the remains of the plastic particles are being found in our oceans and inside fish

It is important to use part of what nature produces each year without depleting wildlife populations or damaging the natural habitats that sustain them.  Maintaining long-term ecological balance is critical.

The fur industry of today is one of the most regulated industries in the world to ensure that balance is maintained and the natural cycle of life preserved.



Fur, You, and Elements Unleashed 

People always have differing personal opinions about animals, whether the topic be related to food, clothing, or even sports. 

We are not here to debate.

As long as genuine fur is properly cared for, few examples exist that can match the natural beauty and durability of genuine fur.  In fact, fur coats are one of the few clothing items that are often passed down and used by two or even three generations... just as they were originally constructed or after many iterations of being re-styled or re-purposed into something else just as beautiful.

At Elements Unleashed, we are here to celebrate.  And the way we celebrate is to focus our attention on restoring and recycling genuine fur. Want to turn that old-fashioned-style fur coat into something that is more "you?" We can help!  What about making it into a fashionable new bolero jacket, a parka with a detachable hood, a hand-made heirloom teddy bear, pillows... 

We are only limited by our imaginations.  Let's imagine together!

Makayla in Raccoon



           Fur is green                         Fur Information Council of America