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In addition to providing one-of-a-kind beautiful clothing and accessories, Elements Unleashed is dedicated to the true appreciation of beautiful, stylish apparel made of the most natural of all fabrics, genuine fur and leather. We refresh and restyle pre-owned fur, our way of celebrating the gifts of our environment while maintaining the highest level of respect for it.  
At Elements Unleashed our customer service goal is simple:  We are committed to providing our customers total satisfaction.  Every time.
It is usually easy to tell when it is time to clean apparel - it looks or smells like it needs cleaning. But with fur it is different. While stains or odors are important to take care of right away, the greatest concern with fur material is that the natural oils in the pelts will dry out. Once this happens the pelts can become so brittle or tender that they will tear with incredible ease, rendering the garment useless. 

If you feel a fur and then rub your fingers you should be able to feel a very slight oiliness. This is normal. But as you can imagine, dust, pollutants, and airborne particles are attracted to the oil, get caught in the hairs of the fur, and draw the natural oils out of the pelts. When you clean a fur your primary goal is to remove these materials from the hairs and condition the leather. For this reason, when an expert furrier recommends cleaning your fur yearly, he/she is doing so in your best interest.

We can help! Our professional fur cleaning process is composed of 3 steps, and each step is performed by a furrier with decades of experience. ​ Merely bring your fur to Elements Unleashed and we will take care of the rest.
Did you recently inherit a fur and you don't know what to do with it? Or has your fur "shrunk" a little over the years?  

We can help! We would be pleased to look it over with you and help to determine the type of fur it is (in case you don't already know), its condition, and a general idea as to its value. From there we can discuss potential options, be it refresh, restyle, re-purpose, or help you to sell your fur on consignment. No appointment is necessary.... just bring your item in to Elements Unleashed at your convenience.
Lose a clasp? Find a tear? Lining coming un-stitched?  

We can help! Our designers will replace that clasp, repair that tear, re-stitch that lining, and anything else that your precious fur needs to get back to being its best. Just bring it in to Elements Unleashed and we'll take care of the rest. 
Fur is incredible as a renewable resource.  It can be re-styled and re-purposed in so many different ways. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination!  

Let's say that you no longer love the fur you purchased 20 years ago, or maybe the fur coat you inherited from your grandmother is just not your style.  We can take that fur and re-work it into a something that is just right for you!  Don't want that big and heavy, outdated, full-length mink?  Well, what about a short jacket with a ruffled hem?  Or maybe you would prefer heirloom teddy bears, pillows, ear muffs, headbands….. or even a fur bikini! 

Bring your fur on in and let's discuss the possibilities.
Ever want to wear a fur garment to a special occasion or photo session but you cannot afford one? We have a solution for you! Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a fur coat, rent one for a 1-3 day period for $50 to $200. This not only saves you money, but you can feel like a celebrity without breaking the bank.
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